Welcome to the ‘International School for Homeopathy HDT’


The International School for Homeopathy HDT is an education institute for homeopaths, founded by Ton Jansen, classical homeopath since 1987 and developer of the Homeopathic Detox Therapy method. The HDT-method forms the basis of the school.

Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) is a complete treatment that consists of classical homeopathy, detoxification of harmful substances and support of the organs and organ systems with homeopathic body own substances and orthomolecular supplements.

The HDT-programs are organised for:
– Homeopaths
– Homeopathic physicians
– Students homeopathy (as from the fifth year)

Are you as a homeopath interested in what HDT can do for your patients and your practice? Read more about the HDT-method, the experiences of other homeopaths and the case studies.0